Let our 30 years of design and manufacturing experience go to work for you!

J Alan Group LLC is pleased to list the services we offer to all of our customers. Please keep in mind that all of our partner companies are very strong financially, actively practice “green” measures in their day to day operations and function with the philosophy of honesty and fairness in their business practice. J Alan Group will always strive to maintain an environment where conflicts of interest do not exist. J Alan will provide engineering and design consulting as well as practical applications in drawings, proto typing, and pre-production runs. Our departments will also create bills of materials, production drawings and schedule on floor production runs by machine or tooling centers.

All of our manufacturers are bringing with them ISO certifications with-in their respective fields of production. In addition, our steel fabrication partners are ASME shops with on-site CWI, CMM, and in house pressure testing. Every manufacturer will be happy to share their specific “quality control” measures with-in their ISO specifications.

Services We Provide

Steel Fabrication of sheet stock ranges from gauge steel up to 12” thick carbon steel. Aluminum up to 1” and stainless steel up to ½”. Plasma, Laser and oxy-fuel cutting systems are all in house.

We offer processes in shearing, punching, bending, forming, tube bending, rolling, sawing and certified welding all in house and this capability will be taken into consideration when design engineering your product. Our machining capabilities are second to none in the industry Horizontal through vertical to also include lathe work. We also have in-house powder coating and baked on wet paint finishing per your specifications.

Panel Processing
In house lamination of 5’ wide high pressure plastics at 100 feet per minute, both sides at once, melamine and vinyl processes as well. Linear CNC sizing saws with cut capability up to 12” thickness. Edge and profile banding, both in line and radius. CNC boring, routing and mortising centers for perfect hole locations and shaping panels exactly the same production run to production run.

Linear Hardwood Rough Mill
We have access to most North American hardwoods. Let us help you select a hardwood to best meet your needs. Our processes include multi-gang blades for linear ripping to specified widths and downstream cut off saw process. Six head shapers for your custom profiles and tri-belt surface sanding. Micro wave glue process as well as case clamp process for solid wood table tops and chair seats. We offer a lathe process for your table and chair legs. Routing centers for shaping and hole locations. Complete finishing process to apply your preferred stain color and sealed with acrylic or lacquer finish final coat.

Value Add Services
We offer warehousing on a month to month basis and drop shipping per order, per destination. We can also manage your stock status and advise you of when to place another production order based upon your sales history. We can offer you our discounts from our common carriers and schedule your shipments. System integration and cable management services along with custom sizing of holes for multi-media equipment are available too.